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How I broke JT Foxx's JEt Ski

June 26 , 2017. 

Before I met JT , I have 24 business and brands , after JT 2 days seminar December 2015 , in 3 months , I create 4 more business and brand , this is what i said to introduce myself in Thailand Top 1% in March 2016  , and i learn more in those 3 days and had a lots of fun , what i learn in Top 1% let me have a speech in Family Reunion II , share a story in the second part of my speech. 

Share 3 things on the stage #2 Productivity 

For 16 years while i built my business is I use the system of Bonuses , Bonuses for pay. 

Now , May you had learn this , How many of you use the Bonuses system for pay ? Well , I found sometimes it works, but most of times it doesn't work. I will set a target , I will set a goal , if they didn't hit it , No pay , No Bonus , and No Luck , NO Happy .

And I thought How did I solve this , What did I do wrong . So this year , 2016 in March i went to the Top 1% in Thailand with JT.

Heard about this : IF you want to grow profits , you need to CUT CUT GROW, You hear this before , CUT CUT GROW, so the question is become how do I get the employee CUT COST , How do I do that . 

I mean why should they cut cost , Because thy are not the boss.

So here's the thing ;

I have to get my employee "To think" like a boss ; "To think" grow the profits ; "To think " cut the cost.

In order to make them to think like the boss , I need to "Pay Them" like the boss.

So we create A incentive system , would you like to know how it's work ? Yes or No?

Here's What We Do

On the very first year , if they raise the profits and cut the cost , 5 % profit sharing .

Year#2 Raise the profits , cut the cost. 6% profits sharing .

Year#3 Raise the profits , cut the cost. 7% profits sharing .

8% -> 9% then 10%

Some people when we start this , work even harder, really hard , even better than me .

So if this person is working hard, We sit down with the managers and the team , and we agree this person working harder ,

he deserve more, they can have 10% in the second year.

Now here's the Question.  Does that works?  Does this works?


And the answer of these questions is YES , it works .

Since we start in March , now is 7 months later , We are in November now ,some of them the Businesses is Double , others even triple the profits.

So does this work ?



Now today , after I met JT , I make my local business connect to global , now I have business at China , Thailand , I travel more than before , even I went to South Africa , I travel Six times last year , I even double mine net worth.


This is the thing I won't image before I met JT , all I did is what he teach me , I met a lots of world class celebrities , talk to them or even hang with them  , also met a lots of high level positive people from all over the world , every little thing inspire you.

There's one more thing I would like to share , JT is a real tough coach , he won't give you bull shit or give you pet talk , I saw some people who got the chance to be coach by JT as one on one student , we get hurt. I remember this lady who cry after JT talked to her , I thought she will never believe or talk to JT again , but I saw her again at the other event , I came to talk to her "why you come to this event again?" , she let me know a real coach not given you the nice and warm words , they just tell you the truth , even in a mean way but that's because truth always hurt , I saw her became more stronger and more powerful . that's more than everything.

This make me realize , if you wan to reach the next level , we should be coachable , and now I totally understood what JT always said:"How you change is how you success!"

JT push me to do the things I used to be scare , make me from a local business man became as a well-known person to 61 countries , from a business man became a wealth coach too. Now I own global business , my students and my networking brand , those things happened very fast , all because of my coach JT who inspire me.





PS:how I broke JT'S jet ski, go to TOP 1% , go to his house then you got the chance to broke his Jet ski , lol

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